Weekend Report
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A Couple of Answers (Weekend Newsletter)06/06/2009
What Do We Really Want? (Weekend Newsletter)05/30/2009
Reaction and Over-reaction (Weekend Newsletter)05/23/2009
Motivation (Weekend Newsletter)05/16/2009
How We Learn (Weekend Newsletter)05/09/2009
What Are You Willing to Do to Become a Successful Trader? (Weekend Newsletter)05/02/2009
Where Would You Like Your Trading to Go? (Weekend Newsletter)04/25/2009
What Have You Been Doing? (Weekend Newsletter)04/18/2009
An Impediment to Profitable Trading (Weekend Newsletter)04/11/2009
How Can a Trader Make Market Cliches Work? (Weekend Newsletter)04/04/2009
The Issue of Safety (Weekend Newsletter)03/28/2009
Investment Philosophies (Weekend Newsletter)03/21/2009
Catching a Falling Knife? (Weekend Newsletter)03/14/2009
What Does It Look Like (Weekend Newsletter)03/07/2009
Priorities in Trading (Weekend Newsletter)02/28/2009
How Long Will My Trade Be? (Weekend Newsletter)02/21/2009
Keeping Records (Weekend Newsletter)02/14/2009
Avoiding Impulse Trades (Weekend Newsletter)02/07/2009
Decision Making (Weekend Newsletter)01/31/2009
Exuberance, Rational and Irrational (Weekend Newsletter)01/24/2009
Broadening Horizons (Weekend Newsletter)01/17/2009
Welcome 2009 (Weekend Newsletter)01/10/2009
Start from the Beginning (Weekend Newsletter)12/20/2008
Aggressive or Conservative (Weekend Newsletter)12/13/2008
More on Being Careful About to Whom You Listen (Weekend Newsletter)12/06/2008
Selling Short (Weekend Newsletter)11/29/2008
Buy and Hold Revisited (Weekend Newsletter)11/22/2008
Protecting Positions (Weekend Newsletter)11/15/2008
Some Considerations for Setting Stops in High Volatility Markets (Weekend Newsle11/08/2008
Predictions (Weekend Newsletter)11/01/2008
The Definition of Insanity (Weekend Newsletter)10/25/2008
Euphoria and Despair (Weekend Newsletter)10/18/2008
The Trouble with Calling a Bottom (Weekend Newsletter)10/11/2008
Volatility (Weekend Newsletter)10/04/2008
The Problem with Market Commentaries (Weekend Newsletter)09/27/2008
Pursuing a Trading Education (Weekend Newsletter)09/20/2008
A Trading Anecdote (Weekend Newsletter)09/13/2008
Treating Trading as a Business (Weekend Newsletter)09/06/2008
Times of the Year (Weekend Newsletter)08/30/2008
Searching for the Key (Weekend Newsletter)08/23/2008
The Insidious Nature of Greed (Weekend Newsletter)08/16/2008
Standing Aside is a Strategy (Weekend Newsletter)08/09/2008
Play the Market at Hand (Weekend Newsletter)08/02/2008
Pitfalls Encountered with Emotional Trades (Weekend Newsletter)07/26/2008
The Anger Amazes Me, But Proves the Point (Weekend Newsletter)07/19/2008
Perceptions (Weekend Newsletter)07/12/2008
How Many Positions to Hold (Weekend Newsletter)07/05/2008
Some Thought Provoking Questions (Weekend Newsletter)06/28/2008
Managing Trading Account Money (Weekend Newsletter)06/21/2008
Identifying the Emotion in Trading (Weekend Newsletter)06/14/2008

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