Success Trading Group Report
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Buying CTXS at $31.0802/23/2006
Selling ADBE at $38.9202/22/2006
Averaging Down TIF at $36.6002/21/2006
Buying ADBE at $38.2502/17/2006
Buying AA at $30.4502/16/2006
Selling YHOO at Market02/15/2006
YHOO $32.86 Limit Order Not Filled02/14/2006
Selling YHOO at $32.8602/14/2006
Buying YHOO at $32.4002/13/2006
AA $30.45 Limit Order Not Filled02/10/2006
Buying AA at $30.4502/10/2006
Selling CTXS at $Market02/09/2006
Selling BA at $71.2902/06/2006
Buying CTXS at $30.7501/31/2006
CTXS $30.83 Limit Order Not Filled01/30/2006
Buying CTXS at $30.8301/30/2006
Selling BBBY at $37.7901/27/2006
SBUX $31.11 Canceling Limit Order01/20/2006
Buying SBUX at $31.1101/20/2006
VRSN - (GTC sell at $22.17) hit today01/19/2006
Buying BBBY at $37.1101/18/2006
End of Week Note01/15/2006
Buying BA at $70.2501/12/2006
Buying VRSN at $21.81 *New Buys Only01/12/2006
VRSN - Update01/11/2006
Selling VRSN at $22.1701/11/2006
Buying VRSN at $21.8101/11/2006
Selling ADBE at $38.6801/10/2006
Buying ADBE at $38.0701/09/2006
End of Week Note01/07/2006
Selling KLAC at $51.8001/06/2006
Selling ATML at $3.5001/06/2006
End of YEAR Note01/01/2006
Under $15 Trade: Buying ATML at $3.3012/19/2005
Buying KLAC at $50.7912/19/2005
Selling HMSY at $7.8512/19/2005
Selling INTC at $26.8412/15/2005
INTC $26.84 Limit Order Not Filled12/14/2005
Selling INTC at $26.8412/14/2005
Buying INTC at $26.4212/13/2005
Selling QCOM at $45.8112/13/2005
Buying QCOM at $45.2912/08/2005
Buying TIF at $40.7712/07/2005
Selling DIS at $25.4512/07/2005
Selling DIS at $25.82 <- CORRECTION12/06/2005
Selling DIS at $35.82 (Good 'Til Cancel Order)12/06/2005
Selling VRSN at $22.6712/05/2005
End of Week Note12/04/2005
Buying VRSN at $22.3712/02/2005
[CORRECTION] Selling KO at $43.0811/29/2005

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