Success Trading Group Report
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Selling KO at $42.0811/29/2005
KO $43.34 Limit Order Not Filled11/28/2005
Selling KO at $43.3411/28/2005
Buying DIS at $24.9011/28/2005
Selling PSUN at $27.0811/22/2005
VRSN update11/21/2005
Selling VRSN at Market11/21/2005
Buying VRSN at $22.8511/21/2005
End of Week Note11/19/2005
HMSY $8.00 Limit Order Not Filled11/18/2005
Selling HMSY at $8.0011/18/2005
Buying PSUN at $26.5011/18/2005
Under $15 Trade: Buying HMSY at $7.7011/17/2005
IVIL $7.70 Limit Order Not Filled11/16/2005
Under $15 Trade: Buying IVIL at $7.7011/16/2005
End of Week Note11/12/2005
Buying KO at $42.6011/11/2005
Selling QLGC at $Market11/11/2005
Selling QLGC at $32.3011/11/2005
SBC $23.56 Limit Order Not Filled11/10/2005
Buying SBC at $23.5611/10/2005
End of Week Note11/04/2005
Selling MCD at $32.7911/03/2005
Selling MRK at Market11/03/2005
Buying MCD at $32.3611/03/2005
Selling HON at Market11/01/2005
AMZN $39.90 Limit Order Not Filled11/01/2005
Buying AMZN at $39.9011/01/2005
Selling USB - Correction 10/31/2005
Selling USB at Market10/31/2005
End of Week Note10/28/2005
Selling USB at Market10/28/2005
Buying HON at $34.0010/25/2005
Buying QLGC at $31.2910/20/2005
Special Note on MCD $32.79 BUY Limit Order10/20/2005
Selling MCD at $33.0010/20/2005
Selling MCD at $33.0010/20/2005
Buying MCD at $32.7910/20/2005
Selling MCD at $33.3210/19/2005
Selling UTX at Market10/19/2005
Buying UTX at $50.4510/18/2005
Selling KLAC at $48.0510/18/2005
Buying KLAC at $47.5010/17/2005
Selling UTX at Market10/17/2005
End of Week Note10/16/2005
Selling GE at Market10/14/2005
Buying UTX at $50.5810/04/2005
Buying MCD at $32.9810/04/2005
UTX $51.08 Limit Order Not Filled09/29/2005

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