Success Trading Group Report
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Buying UTX at $51.0809/29/2005
Selling PSUN at $21.5509/29/2005
Selling YHOO at $33.1909/29/2005
Buying PSUN at $21.1409/28/2005
Buying YHOO at $32.3809/28/2005
Selling BA at $66.3609/27/2005
Averaging Down USB at $28.8209/27/2005
Selling BBBY at $41.2909/26/2005
Averaging Down GE at $33.5009/22/2005
End of Week Note09/17/2005
Buying USB at $29.6409/14/2005
Buying BA at $65.3009/13/2005
Selling YHOO at Market09/12/2005
End of Week Note09/10/2005
Selling INTC at $26.0409/08/2005
Buying BBBY at $40.8809/08/2005
YHOO $34.22 Limit Order Not Filled09/07/2005
Selling YHOO at $34.2209/07/2005
Selling PFE at $26.3009/07/2005
End of Week Note09/04/2005
Buying INTC at $25.6308/31/2005
Buying YHOO at $33.1908/30/2005
End of Week Note08/28/2005
Averaging Down PFE at $25.1008/25/2005
Averaging Down MRK at $27.8508/25/2005
Averaging Down DELL at $35.4808/24/2005
Selling TEK at $24.8008/22/2005
End of Week Note08/22/2005
Buying DELL at $36.7308/16/2005
End of Week Note08/13/2005
Buying GE at $34.4808/12/2005
Selling YHOO at $34.8708/11/2005
Selling DOW at $49.0608/11/2005
Buying MRK at $31.1408/11/2005
End of Week Note08/06/2005
Buying YHOO at $34.3508/04/2005
YHOO $33.97 Limit Order Not Filled08/03/2005
Buying YHOO at $33.9708/03/2005
Selling MSFT at $26.1208/02/2005
Selling MCD at $31.4708/02/2005
Buying MCD at $31.0608/01/2005
End of Week Note 07/30/2005
Buying PFE at $26.8307/29/2005
C $44.39 Limit Order Not Filled07/25/2005
Buying C at $44.3907/25/2005
End of Week Note07/22/2005
Buying DOW at $48.6407/21/2005
Selling EBAY at $Market07/21/2005
Extended Hours Trade -- Selling EBAY at $39.6507/20/2005
Selling NSC at $33.8607/20/2005

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