Success Trading Group Report
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Selling YHOO at $37.3007/19/2005
Buying NSC at $33.3407/18/2005
End of Week Note07/16/2005
MSFT $26.06 Limit Order Not Filled07/15/2005
Selling MSFT at $26.0607/15/2005
1-Minute Survey07/14/2005
End of Week Note07/09/2005
Averaging Down MSFT at $24.7607/06/2005
End of Week Note07/02/2005
Averaging Down YHOO at $34.7006/30/2005
End of Week Note06/25/2005
Averaging Down EBAY at $34.6606/24/2005
Selling AAPL at $38.9906/23/2005
End of Week Note06/18/2005
End of Week Note06/11/2005
YHOO $39.00 Limit Order Not Filled06/07/2005
Selling YHOO at $39.0006/07/2005
Buying AAPL at $38.3006/06/2005
End of Week Note06/04/2005
Buying EBAY at $38.7506/03/2005
Buying YHOO at $38.3906/03/2005
End of Week Note05/29/2005
YHOO $36.21 Limit Order Not Filled05/25/2005
Buying YHOO at $36.2105/25/2005
Selling EBAY at $37.7005/25/2005
Buying EBAY at $36.6805/24/2005
End of Week Note05/21/2005
Selling XOM at $54.7505/19/2005
End of Week Note05/14/2005
Buying XOM at $54.4005/13/2005
Selling DELL at $38.0005/13/2005
Selling YHOO at $34.8005/11/2005
Buying YHOO at $33.8505/11/2005
Selling BBBY at $37.2505/11/2005
Buying BBBY at $36.6505/10/2005
DELL $37.35 Limit Order Not Filled05/09/2005
BBBY $36.86 Limit Order Not Filled05/09/2005
Buying BBBY at $36.8605/09/2005
Selling DELL at $37.3505/09/2005
End of Week Note05/07/2005
DELL $37.35 Limit Order Not Filled05/06/2005
CORRECTION: Selling DELL at $37.3505/06/2005
Selling DELL at $30.3505/06/2005
Selling XOM at $57.6005/05/2005
Selling HAL at $42.7005/04/2005
HAL $42.50 Limit Order Not Filled05/03/2005
YHOO $34.01 Limit Order Not Filled05/03/2005
Buying XOM at $56.9505/03/2005
Buying YHOO at $34.0105/03/2005
Selling HAL at $42.5005/03/2005

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