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Option Trader - Last Chance03/01/2011
Final Summary02/23/2011
Closing Spread on AAPL02/22/2011
Weekend Summary02/18/2011
Weekend Summary02/11/2011
Weekend Summary02/04/2011
Opening Short Leg to Create Spread on STP02/03/2011
Special Alert01/31/2011
Weekend Summary01/28/2011
Opening New Short Leg to Create Spread against STP01/28/2011
Closing Short Leg of Spread on STP01/27/2011
Weekend Summary01/21/2011
Creating New Spread Against Calls on STP01/19/2011
Weekend Summary01/14/2011
Closing Short Leg of Put Spread on JNPR01/14/2011
Correction on Return on IAG Trade01/13/2011
Closing Synthetic Long On IAG01/13/2011
Weekend Summary01/07/2011
Closing Synthetic Long on Yingli Green Energy (YGE)01/07/2011
Closing Adjusted Call Spread on FCX01/04/2011
Creating Spread against JNPR Puts01/03/2011
Weekend Summary12/31/2010
Opening Synthetic Long on Yingli Green Energy Holding Co (YGE)12/27/2010
Weekend Summary12/23/2010
Closing Short Leg of Spread on JNPR12/23/2010
Weekend Summary12/17/2010
Closing Spread on SPY12/14/2010
Converting JNPR Put Position to a Spread12/13/2010
Clarification on Weekend Summaries12/10/2010
Weekend Summary12/10/2010
Information on JNPR Put Position12/10/2010
Weekend Summary12/03/2010
Opening Put Position on Juniper Networks (JNPR)12/03/2010
Closing Short Leg of Spread on STP12/02/2010
Weekend Summary11/26/2010
Weekend Summary11/19/2010
Opening Synthetic Long on Iamgold Corp (IAG)11/18/2010
Opening Bearish Call Spread on SPY11/16/2010
Weekend Summary11/12/2010
Closing Short Leg of Spread on JPM11/08/2010
Closing Remaining Position in MU Synthetic Long11/08/2010
Weekend Summary11/05/2010
Modifying Order on Closing IAG Synthetic11/03/2010
Modifying Order on QQQQ Straddle11/03/2010
Closing Synthetic Long on Iamgold (IAG)11/03/2010
Closing Straddle on QQQQ11/03/2010
Weekend Summary10/29/2010
Opening Straddle on QQQQ10/29/2010
Correction on Statement on JPM Credit Spread10/28/2010
Opening Credit Spread on JPM10/28/2010

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