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Weekend Summary10/02/2009
Opening Synthetic Long in Boyd Gaming (BYD)09/29/2009
Weekend Summary09/25/2009
Closing Spread on UYG09/24/2009
Creating New Spread Against UNG LEAPS Calls09/21/2009
Weekend Summary09/18/2009
Closing Short Leg of Spread on Citigroup (C)09/16/2009
Closing Sept Call on MGM Mirage (MGM)09/16/2009
Rolling Short Call Leg on Kraft Foods (KFT)09/08/2009
Creating Spread against Citigroup (C) LEAPS Calls08/25/2009
Weekend Summary08/21/2009
Order Filled on BID08/20/2009
Placing Order to Close Synthetic Long on Sotheby's (BID)08/20/2009
Order Not Filled08/18/2009
Closing Short Leg of LEAPS Spread on UYG08/18/2009
Creating Spread against MGM Mirage LEAPS Calls08/17/2009
Weekend Summary08/15/2009
Information Only08/12/2009
Opening Synthetic Long on Sotheby's Holdings Cl A (BID)08/12/2009
Filled on Creating Debit Spread on UYG08/10/2009
Creating Spread against LEAPS Call Position in ProShares Ultra Financials (UYG)08/10/2009
Weekend Summary08/07/2009
Order Not Filled on Starbucks (SBUX) LEAPS08/07/2009
Opening LEAPS Calls Position in Starbucks (SBUX)08/07/2009
Rolling Short Leg of Spread on Kraft Foods (KFT) Up and Out08/04/2009
Closing Debit Spread on Direxion Financial Bull 3X (FAS)08/03/2009
Weekend Summary07/24/2009
Closing Synthetic Long on Constellation Brands (STZ)07/24/2009
Closing Spread on Micron (MU)07/23/2009
Opening Synthetic Long Position in Constellation Brands (STZ)07/22/2009
Closing Short Leg of LEAPS Spread on MGM Mirage (MGM)07/20/2009
Weekend Summary07/17/2009
Opening Bullish Debit Spread on SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)07/14/2009
Weekend Summary07/10/2009
Creating Spread against Jan calls on Knight Capital (NITE)07/07/2009
Weekend Summary07/03/2009
Weekend Summary06/26/2009
Closing Short Leg of Spread on UNG06/25/2009
Closing Short Leg of Spread on Knight Capital (NITE)06/24/2009
Weekend Summary06/19/2009
Opening New Debit Spread on Direxion Daily Financial 3X (FAS)06/18/2009
Lowering Limit to Close FAS Spread06/16/2009
Closing Debit Spread on FAS06/16/2009
Assigned Shares of Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK)06/16/2009
Opening Debit Spread on US Nat Gas FD ETF (UNG)06/15/2009
Weekend Summary06/12/2009
Weekend Summary06/05/2009
Correction on Opening LEAPS Calls on (UYG)06/01/2009
Buying LEAPS Calls on ProShares Ultra Financials (UYG)06/01/2009

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