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Weekend Summary08/15/2008
Closing Spread on DIA08/14/2008
Rolling Short Call Position on Citigroup (C)08/13/2008
Disregard NM Alert08/13/2008
Changing Limit to Market Order on Navios Maritime (NM)08/13/2008
Placing Order to Close LEAPS Calls on Qiao Xing (XING)08/13/2008
Orders Not Filled08/12/2008
Closing Half LEAPS Call Position in Qiao Xing (XING)08/12/2008
Creating Spread against LEAPS Calls on Knight Capital (NITE)08/12/2008
Creating Spread against SPY Call Position08/12/2008
Closing Spread on Apple (AAPL)08/12/2008
Opening LEAPS Call Position in Qiao Xing (XING)08/11/2008
Weekend Summary08/08/2008
Closing Short Leg of SPY Spread08/08/2008
Opening Bullish Put Spread on Apple (AAPL)08/06/2008
Weekend Summary08/02/2008
Closing Put Leg of Straddle on Stec, Inc (STEC)07/30/2008
Closing Put Position on Prudential (PRU)07/30/2008
Opening Short Put Position in Prudential (PRU)07/29/2008
Weekend Summary07/26/2008
Summary Will Be on Saturday07/25/2008
Creating Spread against SPY Calls07/24/2008
Creating Spread against Citigroup (C) LEAPS Call Position07/22/2008
Weekend Summary07/18/2008
Closing Short Leg of Citigroup (C) Spread07/18/2008
Closing Short Leg of QQQQ Spread07/16/2008
Jul Bear Call Spread Closed on DIA07/14/2008
Closing July Bear Call Spread on DIA07/14/2008
Weekend Summary07/11/2008
Closing Final Leg of Weatherford International (WFT) Spread07/11/2008
Opening Bearish Call Spread on DIA07/11/2008
Closing Short Leg of Weatherford (WFT) Spread07/10/2008
Weekend Summary07/03/2008
Closing Short Leg of SPY Spread07/02/2008
Opening Bearish Call Spread On Q's (QQQQ)07/01/2008
Opening Bearish Call Spread on DIA06/30/2008
Weekend Summary06/27/2008
Modifying Order to Sell Calls on C06/27/2008
Creating Spread Against Citigroup (C) LEAPS06/27/2008
Creating Spread Against SPY Position06/26/2008
Opening Spread on Weatherford International (WFT)06/24/2008
Closing Call Position in Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI)06/24/2008
Weekend Summary06/20/2008
Weekend Summary06/13/2008
Creating Spread against Puts on Cognizant Tech Sol (CTSH)06/12/2008
Closing Short Leg of Citigroup (C) Spread06/10/2008
Filled on Knight Trading (NITE) Calls06/09/2008
Creating Spread against LEAPS on Knight Trading Group (NITE)06/09/2008
Closing Short Leg of SPY Spread06/09/2008

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