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Creating Spread Against SPY Call Position03/07/2008
Contingent Stop Hit and Put Position on Lehman (LEH) Closed03/06/2008
Setting Contingent Stop on Lehman Bros (LEH) Put03/06/2008
Closing Short Leg of Spread on SPY03/05/2008
Closing Short Put Leg of Condor on Lehman Bros (LEH)03/04/2008
Weekend Summary02/29/2008
Opening Put Position in Comphania Siderugica Nacional SA (SID)02/28/2008
Weekend Summary02/22/2008
Creating Spread Against SPY Position02/22/2008
Creating Spread Against Blackstone Group (BX) LEAPS02/21/2008
Spread Order on DIA02/14/2008
Action on Diamonds Spread (DIA)02/14/2008
Opening Position in The Blackstone Group LEAPS (BX)02/12/2008
Closing Short Leg of Spread on SPY02/11/2008
Weekend Summary02/08/2008
Opening Iron Condor on Lehman Brothers (LEH)02/06/2008
Order Not Filled on Brazil ETF (EWZ)02/05/2008
Opening Put Position in Brazil Index ETF (EWZ)02/05/2008
Weekend Summary02/01/2008
Closing Spread on Mbia, Inc. (MBI)02/01/2008
Stop Hit Position Closed in Salesforce.com (CRM) Puts01/31/2008
Placing Contingent Stop on Salesforce.com (CRM) Puts01/31/2008
Opening Put Position in Salesforce.com, Inc. (CRM)01/30/2008
Weekend Summary01/25/2008
Closing Genitope (GTOP) Trade01/24/2008
Opening Bearish Call Spread on the 01/23/2008
Creating New Spread Against SPY Calls01/23/2008
Closing Short Leg of Call Spread on SPY01/22/2008
Closing Put Position in Rambus (RMBS)01/22/2008
Weekend Summary01/18/2008
Closing Puts Position on QQQQ01/17/2008
Closing Put Side of Iron Condor on Baidu.com (BIDU)01/16/2008
Correction on Rambus (RMBS) Put Order01/16/2008
Opening Put Position in Rambus (RMBS)01/16/2008
Order Not Filled on Baidu.com(BIDU)01/16/2008
Closing Put Side of Baidu.com (BIDU) Iron Condor01/15/2008
Weekend Summary01/11/2008
Option Symbol for MBI Puts01/10/2008
Opening Spread on Mbia, Inc (MBI)01/10/2008
Heads Up01/08/2008
Closing Position in Nvidia (NVDA) Puts01/08/2008
Weekend Summary01/04/2008
Closing Half Nvidia (NVDA) Puts01/04/2008
Entering Put Position in Nvidia (NVDA)01/02/2008
Adjusting Spread on QQQQ12/27/2007
Weekend Summary12/21/2007
Closing Half Position in Genitope (GTOP)12/20/2007
Opening Iron Condor on Baidu.com (BIDU)12/18/2007
Closing Remaining Leg of United Technologies (UTX) Spread12/18/2007
Closing Put Side of Iron Condor on Russell (RUT)12/17/2007

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