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Closing Short Leg of Citigroup (C) Spread12/17/2007
Weekend Summary12/14/2007
Opening Position in Genitope (GTOP)12/12/2007
Order to Close Iron Condor Not Filled12/11/2007
Closing Iron Condor on Russell 2000 (RUT)12/11/2007
Correction to Summary12/07/2007
Weekend Summary12/07/2007
Order to Close Positions in Russell 2000 (RUT) Not Filled12/07/2007
Closing Condor on Russell 2000 Index (RUT)12/07/2007
Canceling Order on MGM LEAPS12/06/2007
Option Symbol on MGM Calls12/06/2007
Opening Position in MGM MIrage (MGM) LEAPS Calls12/06/2007
Adjusting Spread on United Technologies (UTX)12/06/2007
Weekend Summary11/30/2007
Opening Bearish Call Spread on United Technologies (UTX)11/27/2007
Creating Spread Against Citigroup (C) Calls11/26/2007
Weekend Summary11/23/2007
Closing Short Leg of Citigroup (C) Spread11/20/2007
Weekend Summary11/16/2007
Opening New Iron Condor on Russell 2000 Index (RUT)11/15/2007
Condor Order Not Filled on RUT11/14/2007
Opening Dec Iron Condor on Russell 2000 (RUT)11/14/2007
Closing Put Side of Iron Condor on Russell 2000 Index (RUT)11/14/2007
Information Only on Russell Condor11/12/2007
Closing Position in Safeway (SWY) Puts11/12/2007
Weekend Summary11/09/2007
Creating New Spread against Citigroup (C) calls11/05/2007
Weekend Summary11/02/2007
Adjusting Citigroup (C) Spread11/01/2007
Opening Iron Condor on Russell 2000 Index10/29/2007
Closing BOBJ Straddle10/29/2007
Regarding Weekend Summary10/23/2007
Weekend Summary10/19/2007
Opening Position in Safeway (SWY) Puts10/19/2007
Closing EBAY Spread10/18/2007
Closing Nvidia LEAPS Position10/17/2007
BOBJ Order Not Filled and Now Reinstated10/17/2007
Closing Straddle On Business Objects (BOBJ)10/16/2007
Opening Straddle on Business Objects (BOBJ)10/15/2007
Correction on QQQQ Put Order Last Friday10/15/2007
Weekend Summary10/12/2007
Creating Spread Against QQQQ Puts10/12/2007
Closing Short Leg of QQQQ Put Spread10/10/2007
Opening Calendar Spread on EBAY10/09/2007
Weekend Summary10/05/2007
Entering New Position in Nvidia (NVDA) LEAPS Calls10/05/2007
Contingent Stop Hit and Nvidia (NVDA) Position Closed10/03/2007
LEAPS Order on Taser International (TASR) Not Filled10/02/2007
Entering LEAPS Call Position in Taser International (TASR)10/02/2007
Placing Contingent Stop on Nvidia (NVDA) LEAPS Calls10/02/2007

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