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Weekend Summary09/28/2007
Creating Spread Against QQQQ Puts09/27/2007
Closing 1/2 LEAPS Position in Nvidia (NVDA)09/27/2007
Closing Remainder of Shanda Interactive Entertainment (SNDA) LEAPS09/26/2007
Closing Half LEAPS Position in Shanda Interactive Entertainment (SNDA)09/25/2007
Opening Position in Shanda Interactive Ent (SNDA) LEAPS09/24/2007
Weekend Summary09/21/2007
Closing Position in Qualcomm (QCOM)09/21/2007
Entering LEAPS Position in Nvidia (NVDA)09/21/2007
Entering New Leg of Spread on Citigroup (C)09/20/2007
Weekend Summary09/15/2007
Opening Position in Qualcomm (QCOM) LEAPS Calls09/13/2007
Information Only09/05/2007
Weekend Summary08/31/2007
Rolling Puts on QQQQ08/28/2007
Weekend Summary08/24/2007
Weekend Summary08/17/2007
Closing Position in QQQQ08/17/2007
Closing Spread on Apple (AAPL)08/16/2007
Closing Short Leg of Citigroup (C) Spread08/15/2007
Weekend Summary08/10/2007
Stop Hit Position in TASR Puts Closed08/10/2007
Closing Put Position on Taser International (TASR)08/10/2007
Closing Short Leg of Spread on QQQQ08/10/2007
Opening Naked Put Position in Taser International (TASR)08/08/2007
Creating Spread on Q's08/08/2007
Weekend Summary08/03/2007
ERROR in last Alert on AAPL08/02/2007
Opening Bullish Spread on Apple (AAPL)08/02/2007
Entering Put Position on QQQQ08/01/2007
Closing Smith & Wesson (SWHC) Spread07/30/2007
Weekend Summary07/20/2007
Straddle Order on Altria(MO) Not Filled07/19/2007
Opening Straddle on Altria Grp (MO)07/19/2007
Closing Put Position in Silicon Labs (SLAB)07/19/2007
Creating Spread against Puts on QQQQ07/16/2007
Rolling Short Leg of Smith & Wesson (SWHC) Spread07/16/2007
Early Summary for Weekend07/12/2007
Weekend Summary07/06/2007
Closing Short Leg of Q's Spread07/06/2007
Placing Contingent Stop on SLAB Puts07/06/2007
Closing July Spread on Apple (AAPL)07/05/2007
Weekend Summary06/29/2007
Opening Bullish Put Spread on Apple (APPL)06/29/2007
Weekend Summary06/22/2007
Entering Put Position on Silicon Labs (SLAB)06/22/2007
Closing Position In Tesero (TSO) LEAPS Calls06/19/2007
Weekend Summary06/15/2007
Opening Diagonalized Calendar Spread on Smith & Wesson (SWHC)06/15/2007

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