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Creating Spread against QQQQ Puts06/11/2007
Weekend Summary06/08/2007
Weekend Summary06/01/2007
Entering LEAPS Call Position on Tesoro Corp (TSO)05/31/2007
Closing Short Leg of QQQQ Spread05/31/2007
Creating Spread Against Sept Put Position on QQQQ05/29/2007
Weekend Summary05/25/2007
Closing Short Leg of Puts on QQQQ05/24/2007
Creating Spread Against Calls on Sirius Satellite (SIRI)05/22/2007
Closing Straddle on Transocean (RIG)05/22/2007
Weekend Summary05/18/2007
Opening Straddle on Transocean Inc (RIG)05/14/2007
Closing Yahoo (YHOO) Spread05/14/2007
Weekend Summary05/11/2007
Closing McGraw-Hill (MHP) Spread05/09/2007
Weekend Summary05/04/2007
Opening Bullish Spread on Yahoo (YHOO)05/04/2007
Creating Bullish Put Spread on QQQQ05/03/2007
Closing Spread on Sandisk (SNDK)05/03/2007
Sandisk Order Not Filled05/01/2007
Closing Short Leg of Sandisk (SNDK) Spread05/01/2007
Weekend Summary04/27/2007
Entering Credit Spread on Sandisk Corp (SNDK)04/27/2007
Closing Short Leg of QQQQ Spread04/27/2007
Fedex (FDX) Spread Order Not Filled04/26/2007
Opening Bullish Spread on Fedex (FDX)04/26/2007
Creating Spread against QQQQ Puts04/24/2007
Weekend Summary04/20/2007
Order Not Filled in On Semiconductor (ONNN)Calls04/18/2007
Opening Position in On Semiconductor (ONNN)04/18/2007
Weekend Summary04/13/2007
Closing Anadarko Petroleum (APC) LEAPS Position04/12/2007
Closing LEAPS Call Position in Usec, Inc. (USU)04/10/2007
Placing Contingent Stop on Usec, Inc (USU) LEAPS04/09/2007
Weekend Summary04/06/2007
Entering LEAPS Position in Usec Inc (USU)04/05/2007
Removing Limit on NVIDIA Puts04/02/2007
Closing Put Position on NVIDIA (NVDA)04/02/2007
Weekend Summary03/30/2007
Entering Put Position on NVIDIA (NVDA)03/27/2007
Weekend Summary03/23/2007
Closing Position in Federated Dept Stores (FD)03/23/2007
Entering Bullish Call Spread on McGraw Hill (MHP)03/23/2007
Order Not Filled on PWI Call Options03/22/2007
Entering Call Position in Primewest Energy Trust (PWI)03/22/2007
Weekend Summary03/16/2007
Raising Limit on QQQQ Puts03/13/2007
Entering Put Position on Q's03/13/2007
Creating Spread on SPY against Long Position03/13/2007
Closing Last Leg of Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. (NDAQ) Spread03/12/2007

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