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Closing LEAPS on Harrah's (HET)12/27/2006
Closing LEAPS Call Position on Harrah's (HET)12/26/2006
Weekend Summary12/22/2006
Closing Short Leg of Nvidia (NVDA) Spread12/20/2006
Opening Position In Harrah's Entertainment (HET) LEAPS12/18/2006
Weekend Summary12/15/2006
Closing Spread on DIA12/15/2006
Rolling Biotech Position Out12/11/2006
Closing Position on Northfield (NFLD)12/11/2006
Weekend Summary12/08/2006
Closing LEAPS Position on Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM)12/07/2006
Opening Bearish Call Spread on Nvidia (NVDA)12/07/2006
Weekend Summary12/01/2006
Creating Spread Against Citigroup (C) LEAPS12/01/2006
Naked Put Position in Northfield (NFLD)11/30/2006
Closing Short Leg of Citigroup (C) Spread11/29/2006
Creating Spread against SPY LEAPS Calls11/27/2006
Opening Bearish Call Spread on Diamonds (DIA)11/27/2006
Closing LEAPS Calls Position on XLK11/27/2006
Closing Dec '08 135 Calls on SPY11/27/2006
Weekend Summary11/24/2006
Closing Put Position on Yahoo (YHOO)11/22/2006
Entering Put Position on Yahoo (YHOO)11/20/2006
Weekend Summary11/17/2006
Armor Holdings (AH) LEAPS Position Closed11/16/2006
Placing Exit on Armor Holdings (AH) LEAPS Calls11/16/2006
Adding Position in SP-500 ETF (SPY)11/15/2006
Closing Sanmina (SANM) LEAPS Position11/15/2006
Entering LEAPS Call Position on Armor Holdings (AH)11/14/2006
Weekend Summary11/11/2006
Closing Put Position on Carmax (KMX)11/08/2006
Creating Spread Against Sirius (SIRI) LEAPS11/07/2006
Entering LEAPS Calls Position on SPY11/06/2006
Weekend Summary11/04/2006
Changing Limit on SPY Order11/01/2006
Closing Dec '07 Position on SPY11/01/2006
Weekend Summary10/28/2006
Exiting Yahoo (YHOO) LEAPS Trade/Selling to Close Jan '09 25 Calls (VYHAE)/Day O10/27/2006
Entering Position in Yahoo (YHOO) LEAPS Calls/Buying to Open Jan '09 25 Calls (V10/25/2006
Clarification/Correction to Weekend Summary10/22/2006
Weekend Summary10/21/2006
Closing Spread on Sepracor(SEPR)/Simultaneously Buying to Close Oct 52.50 Calls 10/18/2006
Weekend Summary10/14/2006
Informational Alert10/13/2006
Selling Calls to Create Spread on Citigroup (C)/Selling to Open Jan '08 55 Calls10/13/2006
Weekend Summary10/08/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on Sanmina (SANM)/Buying Jan '09 $5 Calls (ONSAA)/Day Order/L10/06/2006
Limit on Citicorp LEAPS should be $7.7010/04/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on Citigroup (C)/Buying to Open Jan '08 45 Calls (WRVAI)/Day 10/04/2006

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