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Buying LEAPS Calls on Telefonos de Mexico (TMX)/Buying Jan '08 20 Calls (WTEAD)/05/02/2006
Weekend Summary04/28/2006
Creating Spread On Biotech ETF (BBH)/Selling to Open May 185 Calls (GBZEQ)/Day O04/25/2006
Weekend Summary04/21/2006
Opening Iron Condor on Unit Corp (UNT)/Simultaneously Buying May 65 Calls (UNTEM04/20/2006
Creating Spread on Technology ETF (XLK)/Selling to Open Jan '07 22 Calls (VQPAV)04/17/2006
Weekend Summary04/14/2006
Upcoming Holidays04/12/2006
Creating Spread on Biotech ETF (BBH)/Selling to Open Apr 190 Calls (GBZDR)/Day O04/11/2006
Selling Calls on Morgan Stanley (MS)/Selling to Close Jul 60 Calls (MSGL)/Day Or04/11/2006
Selling Puts on Altria (MO)/Selling to Close Apr 65 Puts (MOPM)/Day Order/Limit 04/11/2006
Weekend Summary04/07/2006
Buying to Close Short Put Leg of Altria (MO) Iron Condor/Buying to Close Apr 70 04/07/2006
Selling to Close Calls on Cardinal Health (CAH)/Selling Jun 70 Calls (CAHFN)/Day04/07/2006
Weekend Summary03/31/2006
Closing Short Leg of Diamond Offshore (DO) Spread/Buying to Close Apr 80 Puts (D03/29/2006
Creating Spread on Micron (MU)/Selling to Open Jan '08 17.50 Calls (WGYAW)/Day O03/28/2006
Order Not Filled/Buying LEAPS Calls on IIJI/Order Not Filled03/27/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on Internet Initiative Japan (IIJI)/Buying to Open Jan '08 7.03/27/2006
Weekend Summary03/25/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI)/Buying Jan '08 2.50 Calls (Y03/23/2006
Opening 03/20/2006
Weekend Summary03/17/2006
Cancelling Order to Open Bullish Credit on Schlumberger (SLB)03/16/2006
Opening Bullish Put Spread on Diamond Offshore Drilling (DO)/Simultaneously Buin03/16/2006
Opening Bullish Put Spread on Schlumberger (SLB)/Simultaneously Buying Apr 110 P03/16/2006
Closing Put Leg of Cardinal Health (CAH) Straddle/Sell to Close Jun 70 Puts (CAH03/14/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on Micron (MU)/Buying to Open the Jan '08 10 Calls (WGYAB)/Da03/13/2006
Weekend Summary03/11/2006
Closing Short Leg on BBH/Buying to Close Mar 200 Calls/Day Order/Limit $0.6503/09/2006
Cancelling Order to Open Bearish Call Spread on EMR03/06/2006
Opening Bearish Call Spread on Emerson Electric (EMR)/Simultaneously Buying to O03/06/2006
Weekend Summary03/03/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on Spyder Tech Sector (XLK)/Buying Jan '08 15 Calls (WQDAO)/D03/03/2006
Correcting Symbol on EBAY Calls?Jan '07 40 Calls are (OYIAH)02/27/2006
Selling to Close LEAPS on EBAY/Sell to Close Jan '07 40 Calls (OYIAJ)/Day Order/02/27/2006
Weekend Summary02/25/2006
Stopped out of THC Calls02/22/2006
Placing Contingent Stop on Tenet Healthcare (THC) LEAPS Calls/Contingent on THC 02/22/2006
Selling LEAPS Calls on SPY to Create Spread/Selling Dec '07 140 Calls (FYNLH)/Li02/21/2006
Rolling SPY Dec '06 120 Calls (SPYLP) to Dec 02/21/2006
Selling Calls on Biotech Hldrs (BBH) to Create Spread/Selling Mar 200 Calls (GBZ02/21/2006
Weekend Summary02/17/2006
Buying to Close Short LEAPS Leg on EBAY/Buy to Close Jan '07 50 Call (OYIAJ)/Day02/15/2006
Revising Jan'07 Order to Buy Back BBH LEAPS/Cancel Order to Buy Jan '7 220 Calls02/14/2006
Buying to Close Short Calls on BBH/Buying to Close Jan '07 220 Calls (VEAAD)/Day02/14/2006
Addendum to Summary02/11/2006
Weekend Summary02/11/2006
Buying Back (to close) Feb Calls on SPY/Buy to Close Feb 129 Calls (SPYBY)/Day O02/08/2006
Selling LEAPS Calls against existing Long BBH Calls/Selling to Open Jan '07 220 02/07/2006

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