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Closing Spread on Micron (MU)/Simultaneously Buying to Close Jan '07 15 Calls (V02/06/2006
Weekend Summary02/03/2006
Selling to Close LEAPS on CDC Corp. (CHINA)/Selling to Close Jan '08 2.50 Calls 02/02/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on CDC Corp (CHINA)/Buying Jan '08 $2.50 Calls (WRWAZ)/Day Or01/30/2006
Weekend Summary01/27/2006
Buying LEAPS Calls on Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC)/Buying Jan '07 5 Calls (ONZAA)01/27/2006
Opening Straddle on Burlington Resources (BR)/Simultaneously Buying Aug 90 Call 01/25/2006
Weekend Summary01/20/2006
Creating Spread on SPY/Selling to Open Feb 129 Calls (SPYBY)/Day Order/Limit $0.01/20/2006
Stopped Out of CHINA LEAPS/Sold Jan '07 2.5 Calls (VQHAZ) for $1.95/30% Return01/20/2006
Placing Contingent Stop on CDC Corp (CHINA) LEAPS/Contingent on CHINA stock belo01/19/2006
Closing Short Call Position on SPY/Buying to Close Jan 129 Calls (SPYAY)/Limit 01/19/2006
Contingent Stop Hit/Sold May 80 Puts (FMQQP) on WFMI for $9.5001/17/2006
Placing Contingent Stop on Whole Food Markets Inc (WFMI) Puts/Contingent on WFMI01/17/2006
Weekend Summary01/13/2006
Buying Puts on Whole Food Markets (WFMI)/Buying May 80 Puts (FMQQP)/Day Order/Li01/12/2006
Creating Spread with EBAY LEAPS/Selling to Open Jan '07 50 Calls (OYIAJ)/Day Ord01/10/2006
Weekend Summary01/06/2006
Opening Straddle on Morgan Stanley (MWD)/Simultaneously Buying Jul 60 Calls (MWD01/04/2006
Weekend Summary12/30/2005
Weekend Summary12/23/2005
Opening Straddle on Cardinal Health (CAH)/Simultaneously Buying to Open the Jun 12/21/2005
Order Not Filled/Order to Sell LEAPS Calls to Form Spread on BBH/Order Not Fille12/19/2005
Creating Calendar Bullish Call Spread on SPY/Selling to Open Jan '06 129 Calls (12/19/2005
Creating Bullish Call Spread on BBH/Selling to Open Jan '07 220 Calls (VEAAD)/Da12/19/2005
Weekend Summary12/16/2005
Information Only/SPY Dec '06 120 LEAPS (CYYLD)12/15/2005
Contingency Met/Jan '07 90 LEAPS Calls (OWOAR) Sold/Filled @ $10.3012/12/2005
Placing Contingent Order to Sell LEAPS on Reynolds American (RAI)/Selling Jan '012/12/2005
Selling QQQQ Puts to Close/Selling Mar 39 Puts (QQQOM)to Close Last Leg/Day Orde12/12/2005
Weekend Summary12/09/2005
Closing Call Leg of QQQQ Strangle/Selling to Close Mar 38 Calls (QQQCL)/Day Ord12/07/2005
Weekend Summary12/02/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on Reynolds American (RAI)/Buying to Open Jan '07 90 Calls (O12/02/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on Biotech ETF (BBH)/Buying Jan '07 200 Calls (OEEAT)/Day Ord12/01/2005
Weekend Summary11/25/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on SPY/Buying to Open Dec '06 120 Calls (CYYLD)/Day Order/Lim11/23/2005
Weekend Summary11/19/2005
Weekend Summary11/12/2005
Closing Bear Call Spread on SPY/Simultaneously Buying to Close Nov 121 Calls (SP11/11/2005
Weekend Summary11/04/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on CDC Corp. (CHINA)/Buying Jan '07 2.50 Calls (VQHAZ)/Day Or11/01/2005
Weekend Summary10/28/2005
Selling to Close Puts on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)/Selling to Close Apr 25 Pu10/26/2005
Weekend Summary10/22/2005
Weekend Summary10/21/2005
Buying Puts on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)/Buying Apr 25 Puts (AMDPE) on AMD/Da10/18/2005
Opening Bear Call Spread on SPY/Simultaneously Buying to Open Nov 122 Calls (SP10/18/2005
Weekend Summary10/14/2005
Dropping Limit to Sell Jan '07 15 Calls (VGYAC) on MU/Limit $1.4510/14/2005

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