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Selling Calls against LEAPS on Micron (MU)/Selling to Open Jan '07 15 Calls (VGY10/14/2005
Error in Symbol for QQQQ 39 Calls10/13/2005
Rolling Down Call Leg of QQQQ Straddle/Simultaneously Selling Mar 39 Call (QQQOM10/12/2005
Weekend Summary10/07/2005
Order Not Filled/Sell Jan '07 15 Calls (VGYAC) at $1.60 on Micron (MU)/Not Fille10/05/2005
Selling LEAPS Calls Against LEAPS Position on Micron (MU)/Selling to Open Jan '010/05/2005
Buying the Mar 39 Straddle on Nasdaq 100 Trust (QQQQ)/Simultaneously Buying Mar 10/03/2005
Weekend Summary09/30/2005
Order Not Filled/Order to Buy LEAPS Calls on SPY Not Filled09/29/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on S & P Deposit Receipts (SPY)/Buying Dec '07 115 Calls (FYN09/29/2005
Stop on Freeport Mcmoran (FCX) Puts/Sell Jan 40 Puts (FCXMH) Contingent on stock09/09/2005
My Stop Loss Orders during Vacation09/09/2005
Stopped out of Pulte (PHM) Puts/Sold Jan 42.50 Puts (PHMMO) for $2.7009/09/2005
Contingent Stop on Pulte (PHM) Puts/Contingent on stock price greater than $45.209/07/2005
Weekend Summary09/02/2005
Stopped out of Home Depot (HD) Calls/Sold Jan '07 40 Calls (VHDAH) for $4.7008/30/2005
Placing Contingent Sell Stop on Home Depot (HD) LEAPS Calls/Contingent on HD Sto08/29/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on Home Depot (HD)/Buying Jan '07 40 Calls (VHDAH)/Day Order/08/29/2005
Weekend Summary08/26/2005
Selling Call against SPY LEAPS/Selling to Open the Dec '06 125 Calls (CYYLE)/Day08/26/2005
Buying Puts on Freeport Mcmoran (FCX)/Buying Jan 40 Puts (FCXMH)/Day Order/Limit08/24/2005
Weekend Summary08/19/2005
Stopped out of CHINA LEAPS Calls/Sold Jan '07 $2.50 calls (VQHAZ)/$1.6008/19/2005
Placing Contingent Stop on CHINA LEAPS/Contingent on stock below $3.43 Sell to C08/19/2005
Buying Puts on Pulte Homes (PHM)/Buying Jan 84 Puts (PHMMQ)/Day Order/Limit $8.508/18/2005
Buying Aug 35 Calls to Close on Yahoo (YHOO)/Buying to Close the Aug 35 Calls (Y08/17/2005
Correction of Symbol on Weekend Summary08/12/2005
Weekend Summary08/12/2005
Selling Calls against my LEAPS on Micron (MU)/Selling to Open the Jan '06 12.50 08/10/2005
Stopped out of Jan 75 Puts (KBHMO)on KBH/Sold Jan 75 Puts (KBHMO) for $8.5008/08/2005
Placing contingent stop order on Kb Home (KBH) Puts/Sell KBH Jan 75 Puts (KBHMO)08/08/2005
Buying Puts on Kb Home (KBH)/Buying Jan 75 Puts (KBHMO)/Day Order/Limit $7.8008/08/2005
Weekend Summary08/05/2005
Cancelling Order to Buy Northfield (NFLD) LEAPS/Cancel order to buy Jan '07 15 c08/02/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on Northfield (NFLD)/Buying Jan '07 15 Calls (VGXAC)/Day Orde08/02/2005
Weekend Summary07/29/2005
Weekend Summary07/22/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on Knight Capital Group (NITE)/Buying Jan '07 $7.50 Calls (OT07/22/2005
Selling Calls against Yahoo (YHOO) LEAPS/Selling to Open Aug 35 Calls (YHQHG)/Da07/21/2005
Weekend Summary07/15/2005
Buying LEAPS Calls on CHINA/Buying Jan '07 $2.50 Calls (VQHAZ)/Limit $1.2507/12/2005
Weekend Summary07/08/2005
Rolling Naked Puts on Briggs & Stratton (BGG) Out & Down/Simultaneously Buying t07/08/2005
Stopped Out of Dupont (DD) Puts/Sold to Close Jan 07/07/2005
Moving Contingent Stop Down on DuPont (DD) Puts/Stop to Sell Jan '06 47.50 Puts 07/07/2005
Stopped out of Northfield (NFLD) LEAPS/Sold Jan '07 15 Calls (VGXAC) for $4.4007/06/2005
Moving Contingent Stop Up on Northfield (NFLD) LEAPS Calls/Stop to Sell Jan '07 07/05/2005
Moving Contingent Stop on DuPont (DD) Puts/Stop to Sell Jan '06 47.50 Puts (DDMW07/05/2005
Weekend Summary07/01/2005
Placing Contingent Stop to Sell Northfield (NFLD) LEAPS/Contingent on Stock belo06/30/2005

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