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Selling calls to create spread on EBAY/Selling Feb 95 calls (XBABS)/Limit $0.90?01/24/2005
Weekend Summary01/22/2005
Buying LEAPS on EBAY/Buying Jan '07 80 calls (OYIAP)/Limit $24.4001/21/2005
Closing Credit Spread on EBAY/Simultaneously buying Jan 105 Puts (XBAMA) and sel01/20/2005
Buying to close Jan 37.50 calls (YHQAU) on Yahoo (YHOO)/Day Order/Limit $0.5501/19/2005
Selling Puts on Briggs & Stratton (BGG)/Selling Jan 37.50 Puts (BGGMU)/Day Order01/18/2005
Stop hit on QQQQ/Sold Sept 40 Puts (QQQUN) for $2.8001/18/2005
Adjusting credit spread on Briggs & Stratton (BGG)/Buying Jan 40 Puts (BGGMH) to01/18/2005
Weekend Summary01/15/2005
Opening calendar spread on Nanometrics (NANO)/Simultaneously Buying June 12.50 c01/14/2005
Tightening stop on QQQQ puts/Stop to sell Sept 40 puts (QQQUN) now contingent on01/14/2005
Stop hit/Sold Jan '06 40 calls (YXIAH) on CHIR (CHIR)/Sold at $2.8501/11/2005
Weekend Summary01/07/2005
Moving stop up on Chiron (CHIR) LEAPS/Stop to sell Jan '06 40 calls (YXIAH) now 01/07/2005
Moving contingent stop down on QQQQ/Stop to sell Sept 40 puts (QQQUN) now contin01/07/2005
Selling covered calls against Yahoo(YHOO) LEAPS/Selling Jan 37.50 calls (YHQAU)/01/06/2005
Moving stop up again on Chiron (CHIR) LEAPS/Stop to sell the Jan '06 40 calls (Y01/06/2005
Moving contingent stop up on Chiron (CHIR) '06 40 calls (YXIAH)/Stop to sell Jan01/05/2005
Moving contingent stop down on QQQQ puts/Stop to sell Sept 40 Puts (QQQUN) now c01/05/2005
Modifying Order to buy puts on QQQQ/Buying Sept 40 Puts (QQQUN)/Limit $2.8501/04/2005
Buying Puts on Nasdaq 100 Tr Series (QQQQ)/Buying Sept 40 Puts (QQQUN) on QQQQ/L01/04/2005
Moving stop up on Chiron (CHIR) LEAPS/Stop to sell Jan '06 40 calls (YXIAH) now 01/04/2005
Weekend Summary12/31/2004
Creating calendar spread/Selling Feb calls against existing '06 LEAPS calls on S12/31/2004
Stop hit and Eresearch (ERES) LEAPS sold/Sold Jan '06 20 calls (WNBAD) for $2.6512/28/2004
Moving stop up on Eresearch (ERES) LEAPS/Stop to sell Jan '06 20 calls (WNBAD) n12/28/2004
Opening Credit Spread on Briggs and Stratton (BGG)/Simultaneously Buying Jan 37.12/27/2004
Weekend Summary12/24/2004
Opening Straddle on Nextel (NXTL)/Simultaneously buying Aug 30 calls (FQCHF) and12/22/2004
Order not filled/Order to open Aug 30 straddle on NXTL not filled 12/21/2004
Opening Straddle on Nextel (NXTL)/Buying Aug 30 calls (FQCHF) and Aug 30 puts (F12/21/2004
Weekend Summary12/18/2004
Buying LEAPS on Chiron (CHIR)/Buying Jan '06 $40 calls (YXIAH)/Limit $2.2512/16/2004
Order not filled/Buying Jan '06 $17.50 LEAPS calls (WVRAW) on Providian (PVN/Ord12/15/2004
Buying LEAPS Calls on Providian Financial (PVN)/Buying Jan '06 $17.50 calls (WVR12/15/2004
Order not filled/Day Order to open put calendar spread on Guidant (GDT) was not 12/13/2004
Opening Put Calendar Spread on Gudidant (GDT)/Simultaneously Buying Apr 65 Puts 12/13/2004
Weekend Summary12/10/2004
Selling Motorola (MOT) Puts to close/Selling Dec 16 puts (MXZXQ) at market12/10/2004
Buying LEAPS on Yahoo (YHOO)/Buying Jan '06 35 calls (WYHAG)/Day order Limit $7.12/09/2004
Weekend Summary12/03/2004
Order not filled to sell Motorola Puts12/03/2004
Selling Dec Puts on Motorola (MOT) to close position/Selling Dec 16 Puts (MXZXQ)12/03/2004
Buying LEAPS on Eresearch (ERES)/Buying Jan '06 20 calls (WNBAD)/Day Order Limit12/01/2004
Buying to close naked put position on Armor Holdings/Buy to close Dec 40 puts (A11/30/2004
Opening bullish credit spread on EBAY/Simultaneously buying Jan 100 puts (XBAMT)11/30/2004
Closing leg on Motorola spread/Buy to close Dec 17 Puts (MOTXR)/Limit $0.0511/29/2004
Weekend Summary11/26/2004
Stopped out of Puts on Mbna Corp (KRB)/Sold June 27.50 Puts (KRBRY) on KRB for $11/24/2004
Moving stop down on Mbna Corp (KRB) Puts/Stop on June 27.50 Puts (KRBRY) now con11/22/2004

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