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Buying LEAPS calls on Broadcom (BRCM)/Buying Jan '06 $40 LEAPS calls (WGJAH)/Lim10/01/2004
Buying LEAPS on Intel (INTC)/Buying Jan '06 25 LEAPS calls (WNLAE)/Limit $1.50 f10/01/2004
Buying LEAPS on Sungard Data (SDS)/Order not filled09/30/2004
Buying LEAPS on Sanmina/Order not filled09/30/2004
Buying LEAPS calls on Sungard Data Systems (SDS)/Buying Jan '06 25 calls (YYKAE)09/30/2004
Buying LEAPS on Sanmina (SANM)/Buying Jan '06 12.50 calls (YNSAT)/Day order/Limi09/30/2004
Opening bullish credit spread on Avon Products (AVP)/Spread Order/Buying Oct 40 09/30/2004
Selling calls on EBAY/Selling Oct 100 calls (XBAJT) to close/Limit $0.20 for the09/30/2004
Opening bullish put credit spread on Imclone (IMCL)/Buying Nov 45 Puts (QCIWI) a09/28/2004
Weekend Summary09/25/2004
Closing short leg on EBAY credit spread/Buy to close Oct 95 calls (XBAJS)/Day or09/22/2004
Order to buy Jan '06 20 LEAPS calls (WVRAD)on Providian (PVN)/Order not filled09/21/2004
Buying LEAPS on Providian Financial (PVN)/Buying Jan '06 $20 calls (WVRAD)/Day o09/21/2004
Weekend Summary09/18/2004
Opening bearish credit spread on Ebay (EBAY)/Buying Oct 100 calls (XBAJT) and se09/17/2004
Order not filled on bullish spread on Lincare Holdings (LNCR)/Order to open cred09/15/2004
Order not filled/Bearish credit spread on Boston Scientific (BSX) not filled09/15/2004
Opening Bullish Put Spread on Lincare (LNCR)/Buying Oct 27.50 puts (LQNVY) and s09/15/2004
Opening Bearish Credit Spread on Boston Scientific (BSX)/Credit Spread buying Oc09/15/2004
Selling Sept 22.50 calls (QAJIX) on CYBX/Selling QAJIX at $0.0509/14/2004
Stopped out of Jan 45 Puts (AZNMI) on AZN/Puts sold for $3.5009/14/2004
Buying to close Sept 45 Puts (AZNUI) on AZN/Day Limit $3.4009/13/2004
Weekend Report09/12/2004
Selling to close Jan 06 50 calls (WJOAJ) on Northrup Gruman (NOC)/Stop hit09/10/2004
Sold Jan 45 Puts (MMCMI) on Marsh Mclennin (MMC)/Stop hit09/10/2004
Selling to Close Jan '06 $20 LEAPS calls (WMJAD) on Lam Research (LRCX)/Limit $509/09/2004
Correction on LRCX LEAPS/Buying WMJAD NOT WMJAE09/09/2004
Buying LEAPS on Lam Research (LRCX)/Buying Jan '06 20 LEAPS calls (WMJAE)/Day or09/09/2004
Buying Puts on Marsh & Mclennan (MMC)/Buying Jan 45 Puts (MMCMI)/Day Order/Limit09/07/2004
Addendum to Weekend Summary09/06/2004
Weekend Summary09/05/2004
Opening Put Calendar Spread on Astrazeneca (AZN)/Buying Jan 45 Puts (AZNMI) and 08/31/2004
Closing 1 leg of CYBX credit spread/Buy to close Sept 20 call (QAJID)/Day Limit 08/31/2004
Order not filled/ Put Calendar Spread on AZN/Order not filled08/30/2004
Opening Put Calendar Spread on Astrazeneca (AZN)/Buying Jan 45 Puts (AZNMI) and 08/30/2004
Weekend Summary08/27/2004
Correction on NOC Jan '06 LEAPS trade/Initial Exit contingent on stock below $5008/23/2004
Opening bearish credit spread on Cyberonics (CYBX)/Buying Sept 22.50 calls (QAJI08/23/2004
Buying LEAPS on Northrup Gruman (NOC)/Buying Jan '06 $50 LEAPS (WJOAJ)/Limit $6.08/23/2004
Closing Jan $32.50 straddle on Cox Communications (COX)/Selling to close Jan 32.08/23/2004
Weekend Summary08/20/2004
Opening Jan 32.50 straddle on Cox Communications (COX)/Buying Jan 32.50 calls (C08/20/2004
Straddle on Cox Communications (COX)/Limit not hit/Order not filled08/19/2004
Opening Jan $32.50 straddle on Cox Communications (COX)/Buying Jan 32.50 Calls (08/19/2004
Closing Jan '06 $25 LEAPS on Lam Research (LRCX)/Sell to close Jan '06 25 LEAPS 08/18/2004
Moving stop again on Lam Research (LRCX) Jan '06 $25 LEAPS (WMJAE)/ Contingent o08/18/2004
Moving Stop on Lam Research (LRCX) Jan '06 25 LEAPS calls (WMJAE)/Contingent on 08/18/2004
Buying LEAPS on Lam Research (LRCX)/Buying Jan '06 $25 LEAPS calls (WMJAE)/Day O08/17/2004
FON trade/LEAPS trade on FON was not disseminated08/16/2004
Weekend Summary08/14/2004

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