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Trend Trader - Last Chance03/01/2011
Final Summary02/23/2011
Weekend Summary02/18/2011
Weekend Summary02/11/2011
Weekend Summary02/04/2011
Closing Position in Knightsbridge Tankers (VLCCF)02/03/2011
Special Alert01/31/2011
Weekend Summary01/28/2011
Stop Hit and Position Closed in WAL01/27/2011
Stop Hit and Position Closed in XTEX01/27/2011
Moving Stop Higher on XTEX01/26/2011
Setting Stop Loss on XTEX01/25/2011
Stop Hit and Position Closed in Encore Energy Partners (ENP)01/25/2011
Setting Stop on WAL01/24/2011
Setting Stop on ENP01/24/2011
Setting Stop Loss on CRNT01/24/2011
Opening Position in Targa Resources (NGLS)01/24/2011
Opening Position in Knightsbridge Tankers (VLCCF)01/24/2011
Weekend Summary01/21/2011
Opening Position in Crosstex Energy (XTEX)01/20/2011
Weekend Summary01/14/2011
Closing Position in MCHP01/13/2011
Opening Position in Encore Energy Partners LP (ENP)01/11/2011
Weekend Summary01/07/2011
Opening Position in Microchip Technology (MCHP)01/03/2011
Weekend Summary12/31/2010
Weekend Summary12/23/2010
Stop Hit and Position Closed in Och Ziff (OZM)12/23/2010
Moving Stop Higher on OZM12/22/2010
Placing Stop Loss on Och-Ziff Capital Management (OZM)12/22/2010
Weekend Summary12/17/2010
Stop Hit and Position Closed in Pfizer (PFE)12/17/2010
Placing Stop Loss on Pfizer (PFE)12/13/2010
Clarification on Weekend Summaries12/10/2010
Weekend Summary12/10/2010
Opening Position in Och-Ziff Capital Management (OZM)12/10/2010
Weekend Summary12/03/2010
Closing Position in Cryolife (CRY)12/02/2010
Opening Position in Pfizer (PFE)12/01/2010
Weekend Summary11/26/2010
Weekend Summary11/19/2010
Opening Position in Cryolife Inc (CRY)11/18/2010
Closing Position in Navios Maritime Ptnrs (NMM)11/16/2010
Closing Position in Natural Resource Partners (NRP)11/16/2010
Weekend Summary11/12/2010
Closing Position in Linn Energy (LINE)11/12/2010
Closing Position in Green Plains Renewable Energy (GRPE)11/11/2010
Closing ARI - follow-up11/09/2010
Closing Position in Apollo Commercial RE Fin Co (ARI)11/09/2010
Weekend Summary11/05/2010

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