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Weekend Summary01/29/2010
Weekend Summary01/22/2010
Opening Position in Natural Resource Partners (NRP)01/20/2010
Weekend Summary01/15/2010
Closing Position in Providence Service Corp (PRSC)01/15/2010
Opening Position in Omega Healthcare Investment Inc (OHI)01/13/2010
Weekend Summary01/08/2010
Opening Position in Providence Service Corp (PRSC)01/05/2010
Weekend Summary12/31/2009
Closing Position in Digital River (DRIV)12/30/2009
Closing Position in Ares Capital (ARCC)12/28/2009
Weekend Summary12/24/2009
Weekend Summary12/18/2009
Opening Position in Ares Capital Corp (ARCC)12/18/2009
Expeditors Int'l (EXPD) Stopped Out at Open12/17/2009
Placing Stop Loss on Expeditors Int'l (EXPD)12/16/2009
Information Only -Expeditors Int'l12/14/2009
Weekend Summary12/11/2009
Opening Position in Digital River (DRIV)12/10/2009
Weekend Summary12/04/2009
Bullish Order on Expeditors International (EXPD)12/03/2009
Addendum to Weekend Summary11/27/2009
Weekend Summary11/27/2009
Weekend Summary11/20/2009
Stop Hit and Position Closed in Intrepid Potash (IPI)11/19/2009
Moving Stop Higher on Intrepid Potash (IPI)11/18/2009
Placing Stop Loss Order on Intrepid Potash (IPI)11/18/2009
Opening Position in Intrepid Potash (IPI)11/17/2009
Weekend Summary11/13/2009
Stop Hit and Position Closed in Sandisk (SNDK)11/10/2009
Placing Stop Loss Order on Sandisk Corp (SNDK)11/09/2009
Weekend Summary11/06/2009
Opening Position in Sandisk (SNDK)11/05/2009
Stop Hit and Position Closed in QID11/02/2009
Moving Stop Higher on QID11/02/2009
Placing Stop Loss Order on QID11/02/2009
Weekend Summary10/30/2009
Opening Position in QID10/30/2009
Weekend Summary10/24/2009
Opening Position in Blackstone Group (BX)10/21/2009
Information Only - Weekend Summary10/20/2009
Closing Position in Boyd Gaming (BYD)10/19/2009
Weekend Summary10/16/2009
Weekend Summary10/09/2009
Closing Position in Zumiez Inc (ZUMZ)10/08/2009
Opening Position in Zumiez (ZUMZ)10/07/2009
Stop Hit and Position in Safeway (SWY) Closed10/06/2009
Placing Stop Loss on Safeway (SWY)10/06/2009
Weekend Summary10/02/2009
Opening Position in Boyd Gaming (BYD)09/29/2009

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