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Weekend Summary01/09/2009
Closing Position in Alcoa Aluminum (AA)01/07/2009
Order Not Filled01/06/2009
Entering Position In Blackrock Muni Income Trust (BLE)01/06/2009
Weekend Summary01/02/2009
Weekend Summary12/26/2008
Weekend Summary12/19/2008
Stop Hit and Position Closed on RCL12/19/2008
Placing Stop on Remaining Shares of Royal Caribbean (RCL)12/19/2008
Placing Order to Close Half of Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) Position12/19/2008
Opening Position in Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (RCL)12/18/2008
Weekend Summary12/12/2008
Opening Position in Alcoa Aluminum (AA)12/11/2008
Weekend Summary12/05/2008
Weekend Summary11/28/2008
Order Not Filled on DPO11/26/2008
Opening Position in Dow 30 Enhanced Premium and Income Fund ETF (DPO)11/26/2008
Weekend Summary11/21/2008
Correction in Summary11/14/2008
Weekend Summary11/14/2008
Closing Position in Allied Waste (AW)11/11/2008
Weekend Summary11/07/2008
Opening Position in ING Group (ING)11/07/2008
Closing Position in Pennsylvania REIT (PEI)11/03/2008
Weekend Summary10/31/2008
Placing Order on Allied Waste Industries (AW)10/31/2008
Weekend Summary10/24/2008
Opening Position in Pennsylvania REIT (PEI)10/20/2008
Weekend Summary10/17/2008
Stop Hit Manitowoc (MTW) Position Closed10/14/2008
Placing Stop on Manitowoc (MTW)10/14/2008
Opening Position in Manitowoc Company (MTW)10/13/2008
Weekend Summary10/10/2008
Weekend Summary10/03/2008
Opening Position in Western Alliance Bancorporation (WAL)10/03/2008
Order Not Filled09/30/2008
Opening Position in Senior Housing Properties Trust (SNH)09/30/2008
Weekend Summary09/26/2008
Closing Position in Teekay LNG Partners LP (TGP)09/22/2008
Weekend Summary09/19/2008
Opening Position in Teekay LNG Partners LP (TGP)09/19/2008
Weekend Summary09/12/2008
Weekend Summary09/05/2008
Weekend Summary08/29/2008
Weekend Summary08/22/2008
Opening Position in Navios Maritime Partners LP (NMM)08/19/2008
Weekend Summary08/15/2008
Stop Hit and Order Filled on Vanguard Lge Cap ETF (VV)08/11/2008
Weekend Summary08/08/2008
Stop Hit on Flir Systems (FLIR)08/04/2008

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