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Weekend Summary08/02/2008
Opening Position in Flir Systems (FLIR)07/31/2008
Weekend Summary07/26/2008
Summary Will Be on Saturday07/25/2008
Closing Position In Yamana Gold (AUY)07/23/2008
Sunstone (SHO) Order Not Filled 07/21/2008
Opening Position in Yamana Gold (AUY)07/21/2008
Opening Position in Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc (SHO)07/21/2008
Weekend Summary07/18/2008
Weekend Summary07/11/2008
Placing Contingent Order to Buy Large Cap ETF (V V)07/10/2008
Weekend Summary07/03/2008
Closing Burger King (BKC) Position07/03/2008
Weekend Summary06/27/2008
Weekend Summary06/20/2008
Entering Position in JER Investors Trust (JRT)06/16/2008
Weekend Summary06/13/2008
Closing Position in Northstar Realty (NRF)06/12/2008
Weekend Summary06/06/2008
Entering Position in Northstar Realty Finance (NRF)06/05/2008
Weekend Summary05/30/2008
Stop Hit and Position in Banco Bradesco SA (BBD) Closed05/29/2008
Opening Position In Burger King Holdings (BKC)05/29/2008
Re: CTSH Option Alert05/29/2008
Placing a Stop on Banco Bradesco (BBD)05/29/2008
Creating Spread Against Put Position in Cognizant Technology (CTSH)05/29/2008
Weekend Summary05/23/2008
Weekend Summary05/16/2008
Opening Position in Banco Bradesco SA (BBD)05/16/2008
Weekend Summary05/09/2008
Weekend Summary05/02/2008
Stop Hit and Position Closed in US Shipping (USS)04/29/2008
Moving Stop Up on US Shipping (USS)04/29/2008
Placing Stop to Sell on US Shipping (USS)04/28/2008
Weekend Summary04/25/2008
Weekend Summary04/18/2008
Opening Position in US Shipping Partners LP (USS)04/18/2008
Weekend Summary04/11/2008
Stop Hit and Position in The Blackstone Group (BX) Closed04/08/2008
Setting Stop On The Blackstone Group (BX)04/07/2008
Weekend Summary04/04/2008
Opening Position in The Blackstone Group (BX)04/02/2008
Weekend Summary03/28/2008
Closing Position In ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF (QID)03/25/2008
Weekend Summary03/20/2008
Weekend Summary03/14/2008
Opening Position in ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF (QID)03/10/2008
Weekend Summary03/07/2008
Stop Hit on SDS Position Closed03/04/2008

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