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Weekend Summary05/18/2007
Stopped out of PGJ05/16/2007
Placing Stop on PGJ05/14/2007
Weekend Summary05/11/2007
Entering Position in PGJ (PowerShares Golden Dragon - China ETF)05/09/2007
Closing Position In Greenbrier Companies (GBX)05/08/2007
Weekend Summary05/04/2007
Entering Position in Greenbrier Cos (GBX)05/04/2007
Weekend Summary04/27/2007
Stop Hit Wednesday on Aspect Medical Systems (ASPM)04/26/2007
Placing Stop on Aspect Medical Systems (ASPM)04/24/2007
Entering Position in Realty Income Corporation (O)04/23/2007
Weekend Summary04/20/2007
Entering Position in Palm, Inc. (PALM)04/19/2007
Weekend Summary04/13/2007
Closing Position In Silicon Laboratories (SLAB)04/13/2007
Entering Position in Silicon Laboratories (SLAB)04/09/2007
Weekend Summary04/06/2007
Entering Position in Aspect Medical Systems (ASPM)04/03/2007
Closing Position in SMART Modular Technology (SMOD)04/02/2007
Weekend Summary03/30/2007
Entering Position Iin SMART Modular Technologies (SMOD)03/29/2007
Closing Position in Micron (MU)03/29/2007
Entering Position in Micron (MU)03/27/2007
Weekend Summary03/23/2007
Stopped out of Qualcomm (QCOM)03/19/2007
Moving Stop up on Qualcomm (QCOM)03/19/2007
Weekend Summary03/16/2007
Moving Stop on Qualcomm (QCOM)03/15/2007
Moving Stop up on Qualcomm (QCOM)03/14/2007
Setting Stop on Qualcomm (QCOM)03/13/2007
Weekend Summary03/09/2007
Entering Position in Qualcomm (QCOM)03/08/2007
Stop Hit Position Closed in Mcmoran Exploration (MMR)03/07/2007
Placing Stop Loss on Mcmoran Exploration (MMR)03/07/2007
Entering Position in Mcmoran Exploration (MMR)03/06/2007
Weekend Summary03/02/2007
Closing Position In CDC Corp. (CHINA)02/27/2007
Weekend Summary02/23/2007
Entering Position In Evergreen Income Adv Fd (EAD)02/23/2007
Entering Position In CDC Corp (CHINA)02/21/2007
Weekend Summary02/17/2007
Order Not Filled on TEK02/15/2007
Closing Position in Ppl Corp (PPL)02/15/2007
Entering Position in Tektronix (TEK)02/15/2007
Weekend Summary02/09/2007
Placing Stop Alert on Ppl Corpooration (PPL)02/06/2007
Weekend Summary02/02/2007
Stop Hit Syneron Medical (ELOS) Position Closed02/01/2007

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