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Selling Quicksilver Resources (KWK)/Day Order/Limit $28.8010/04/2006
Weekend Summary09/29/2006
Selling Cameron (CAM)?Day Order/Limit $45.6009/26/2006
Buying Quicksilver Corp. (KWK)/Day Order/Limit $31.5009/26/2006
Selling Abaxis (ABAX)/Market Order09/25/2006
Weekend Summary09/22/2006
Buying Cameron (CAM)/Day Order/Limit $44.9009/21/2006
Weekend Summary09/15/2006
Buying Abaxis (ABAX)/Day Order/Limit $22.8509/12/2006
Weekend Summary09/08/2006
Stop Hit on Clear Channel (CCU)/CCU sold at $28.8009/07/2006
Moving Stop on Clear Channel Communications (CCU)/Sell Stop at $28.8009/07/2006
Getting Ready for Labor Day Weekend/Placing Stops, etc.08/30/2006
Selling Iamgold (IAG)/Day Order/Limit $10.5708/30/2006
Weekend Summary08/25/2006
Buying Clear Channel Communications (CCU)/Day Order/Limit $28.3508/25/2006
Weekend Summary08/18/2006
Buying Iamgold Corp. (IAG)/Day Order/Limit $10.3008/15/2006
Weekend Summary08/11/2006
Selling 51job, Inc. (JOBS)/Selling to Close At the Market08/08/2006
Weekend Summary08/04/2006
Weekend Summary07/28/2006
GDI Correction/Stop at $34.1007/27/2006
Placing Stop to Sell Gardner Denver (GDI)/Stop to Sell GDI at $34.75/Good 'til C07/27/2006
Buying Gardner Denver, Inc (GDI)/Day Order/Limit $32.7007/26/2006
Weekend Summary07/21/2006
Closed Waste Management (WMI) Trade07/17/2006
Weekend Summary07/14/2006
Selling Waste Management (WMI)/Limit $33.4007/14/2006
Weekend Summary07/07/2006
Buying 51jobs Inc (JOBS)/Day Order/Limit $23.0507/06/2006
Weekend Summary06/30/2006
Stop Hit on Alon USA Energy (ALJ)/Sold for $30.6006/30/2006
Placing Stop on Alon USA Energy (ALJ)/Sell Stop at $30.70/Good 'til Cancelled06/30/2006
Weekend Summary06/23/2006
Buying Alon USA Energy (ALJ)/Day Order/Limit $28.8506/21/2006
Weekend Summary06/16/2006
Update - General and Waste Management (WMI)06/14/2006
Weekend Summary06/09/2006
I'm Awake06/06/2006
Stopped Out of Ppl Corporation (PPL)/Sold PPL at $30.5006/05/2006
Weekend Summary06/02/2006
Moving Stop Up on Ppl Corporation (PPL)/Sell Stop at $30.50/Good 'til Cancelled06/02/2006
Information on PPL/Dividend Declared06/02/2006
Placing Stop to Sell Ppl Corporation (PPL)/Sell Stop at $30.3006/02/2006
Weekend Summary05/26/2006
Buying Waste Management, Inc. (WMI)/Day Order/Limit $36.7005/23/2006
Weekend Summary05/19/2006
Buying Ppl Corporation (PPL)/Day Order/Limit $29.6505/16/2006
Weekend Summary05/12/2006

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