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Stopped Out of Robert Half International (RHI)/RHI Sold at $43.3305/11/2006
Placing Stop Loss Order on Robert Half International (RHI)/Sell Stop $43.3305/11/2006
Weekend Summary05/05/2006
Buying Robert Half International (RHI)/Day Order/Limit $43.1505/05/2006
Stop Hit/C H Robinson Worldwide (CHRW) Sold/CHRW Sold at $48.2205/05/2006
Moving Stop Up on C H Robinson Worldwide (CHRW)/Stop to Sell at $48.2005/05/2006
Setting Sell Stop on C H Robinson Worldwide (CHRW)/Sell Stop at $48/Good 'Til Ca05/04/2006
Autodesk Inc. (ADSK) Information05/03/2006
Buying C.H.Robinson Worldwide (CHRW)/Day Order/Limit $46.2005/02/2006
Stop Hit on Range Resources Corp (RRC)/Sold at $28.0205/02/2006
Setting Stop on Range Resources Corp (RRC)/Sell Stop at $27.91/Good 'til Cancell05/02/2006
Buying Range Resources Corp. (RRC)/Day Order/Limit $27.2505/01/2006
Weekend Summary04/28/2006
Buying Nuveen Senior Income Fund (NSL)/Day Order/Limit $8.0004/27/2006
Buying Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK)/Day Order/Limit $43.0504/25/2006
Weekend Summary04/21/2006
Stopped Out of PPL Corp (PPL)/Sold PPL at $29.4604/21/2006
Moving Stop On PPL Corp. (PPL)/Moving Stop Up to $29.4804/21/2006
Moving Stop On PPL Corp. (PPL)/Moving Stop Order Up to $29.4804/21/2006
Setting Stop Loss on PPL Corp (PPL)/Sell Stop on PPL at $29.20/GTC04/20/2006
Stopped Out of Canadian National Railway (CNI)/Sold at $4804/19/2006
Placing Stop Loss on Canadian National Railway (CNI)/Good 'til Cancelled/Sell St04/19/2006
Buying PPL Corp (PPL)/Day Order/Limit $28.7504/18/2006
Weekend Summary04/14/2006
Upcoming Holidays04/12/2006
Some Analysis04/11/2006
Selling Crescent R E (CEI)/Day Order/Sell at Market04/10/2006
Selling Labor Ready Inc (LRW)/Day Order/Limit $24.9004/10/2006
Weekend Summary04/07/2006
Selling Denny's (DENN)/Day Order/Limit $4.8504/07/2006
Buying Labor Ready Inc (LRW)/Day Order/Limit $24.6004/05/2006
Weekend Summary03/31/2006
Buying Crescent R.E. Equities (CEI)/Day Order/Limit $20.7503/29/2006
Reaction to Fed03/28/2006
Selling Texas Instruments (TXN)/Day Order/Limit $31.3003/27/2006
Weekend Summary03/25/2006
Buying Texas Instruments (TXN)/Day Order/Limit $30.60 or better03/21/2006
Buying Canadian National Railway (CNI)/Day Order/Limit 46.8203/16/2006
Cancelled Order to Buy PWAV/Order to Buy PWAV not filled03/15/2006
Buying Powerwave Technologies (PWAV)/Day Order/Limit $14.6503/15/2006
Selling PPL Corp. (PPL)/Limit 31.24/Day Order03/15/2006
Stop Hit/Sold Weatherford (WFT)/$43.2503/14/2006
Buying Denny's Corp (DENN)/Day Order/Limit $4.3603/13/2006
Moving Stop on Weatherford International (WFT)/Stop at 43.25/GTC03/13/2006
Buying Weatherford International (WFT)/Day Order/Limit $42.7703/10/2006
Buying PPL Corporation (PPL)/Day Order/Limit $30.8003/10/2006