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Success Trading Group - FAQs

Question: Could you also give me the average and maximum number of historical positions held at one time?
RESPONSE: On average we have 2-3 new stock picks each month with 3 to 6 open at any one time.

Question: Do your trades allow for slippage in calculating results?
RESPONSE: Our trade tables reflect the limit price for the buy and sell of the alert ... many times the actual fill price is better than the limit price of the alert ... we generally don't reflect those instances and we don't reflect any other "slippage" that may occur on an individual basis.

Question: Do you give specific option instructions?
RESPONSE: No, we do not trade in options - stocks only.

Question: Do you give protective stops when entering, or simply sell to close?
RESPONSE: The Success Trading Group sends out buy alerts with a buy price and sell alerts with a sell price - no stops are given.

Question: Are these all day trades? Do you close out positions typically every day?
RESPONSE: We are not a "day trading" service, nonetheless, roughly 10% of our trades are bought and sold on the same day.

Question: How much should be committed to each trade? Equal weighted or do you feel more confident in some versus others?
RESPONSE: We include some money management tips in our initial email to you when you register. However, to sum it up briefly, we believe that you should diversify the money that you allocate to follow our trades between several trades. Since commissions these days are almost irrelevant, not having too high of a percentage of your funds in any one trade is beneficial.

Question: Do you usually stick to large cap stocks with lots of liquidity?
RESPONSE: Yes, with respect to the Main Trade Table... however, the "Under $15 Table" can have some liquidity issues.

Question: Is it recommended to buy already open positions or should I wait for the next recommendation?
RESPONSE: We don't believe that you should enter an existing Open Position as a new member ... unless we just opened that position the day prior to you joining and the stock is still just about at or below our buy price. There will be plenty more trades for you to look at during your free 30-day trial."

Question: What is the average gain and loss?
RESPONSE: Average gain is about 2% to 3% per trade.

Question: I primarily trade options and would like to know if this includes options or if the trades can be successfully applied to options?
RESPONSE: If you have limited funds available, or simply would rather utilize options rather than buying stocks, then you may want to consider buying at-the-money options or in-the-money options rather than the stock. By implementing this strategy you obviously tie up less funds and have an opportunity for greater percentage gains. On the other hand, certain plays that don't work out on a fairly short time frame, may end up being losing trades for you, while we are still able to make a gain by buying the stock and holding for a period of time. If you do elect to buy options, consider immediately placing a day order to sell the option at a limit price to capture a gain on a move up during the day. As option prices can spike for a very short time during the day, having an order in place may allow you to capture a gain that you may have otherwise missed.

Question: Do you buy at a limit price? Is that price above or below market at the time of the email?
RESPONSE: Yes, Success Trading buys at a limit price ... generally the stock will be trading slightly above the limit price at the time of the alert.

Question: Do you set an exit price at that time?
RESPONSE: No. That is sent out in a separate alert.

Question: If not, do you announce the sell point in advance of that time, and do you exit on a limit or at market?
RESPONSE: The sell alert is sent intra-day with a limit price in most cases.

Question: Can you page to a cell phone?
RESPONSE: Yes, as long as your cell phone accepts text messaging. All we need is the email address for your cell phone (your provider will be able to help you with this).

Question: I need to know if the Success Trading service is suitable for trading within an IRA account?
RESPONSE: Yes. We think it is a very good match for your IRA.

Question: Can you tell me what the total % gain was for a certain time period?
RESPONSE: No, we don't provide such calculations. There are simply too many assumptions that would have to be made when calculating portfolio gains. However, EVERY TRADE is posted on the Trade Tables, thus, you will be able to review all the necessary info so that you can utilize your own assumptions to make calculations and determine whether this style of investing meets your risk/reward requirements.

Question: If Success Trading averages down, would it make sense to take that as my initial BUY position and Sell when you Sell?
RESPONSE: No. If we are averaging down, that means that the trade didn't go as we would have liked it to ... ie, the goal is to get an initial buy, and then a sell within a few days. We'd wait for the next initial buy.

Question: What time of day do you send your stock advise?
RESPONSE: All buy and sell alerts are sent out during market hours.

Question: What type of strategies do you recommend? buying stocks, option plays, etc.
RESPONSE: Stocks only

Question: Can I use my current broker to initiate the plays?
RESPONSE: Yes, you should trade through your own broker. In fact we are not a brokerage house (ie, you cannot trade through us.)

Question: How much cash is needed in a trading account?
RESPONSE: It depends on your personal portfolio and risk tolerance ... we can't provide personalized advice.

Question: I am interested in trying out the Success Trading Group. However, my day time availability is temporarily limited. From what I've seen, it appears that timing is fairly critical to the methodology. Is this the case, or will I be able to take advantage of this service with mostly morning and evening availability?
RESPONSE: We think that you may find that it works fairly well. As you can imagine, The Success Trading Group doesn't necessarily hit "the bottom" of each trade nor "the top". This can work to your advantage, as the plays that you do get in may be at prices actually lower than where we are buying. Then, you can simply put in a Good 'Til Cancel order at a price point in-line with expectations for the trade (and thereby you don't even need to necessarily see the sell alert). Again, this service is not intended to be a service that requires you to act instantaneously to get involved in all of the trades. Our belief is that the members that have been with us a long-time act SLOWER rather than faster on our informational trade alerts. That is, they get the alert, review the trade and in many, many cases enter and exit the positions at better prices than we post on the Trade Table. That is, they get in a little (or maybe even a lot) lower and exit with more of a profit (maybe even at a lower price than we put in our sell order because of their better entry price). The TRADE-OFF, is that these members miss some of the quick 1-day trades. So, our point (or another point) is, don't worry about whether you got in or out exactly as we state in our alerts. Having to "hit the send" button to get an information alert out acts somewhat as a "handcuff" as to how we act. We try to set prices that are reasonably expectant for all members to get in and out. Thus, having patience and using your own skills may in fact give you better than posted returns.

Our entire record of past trades is available for your review in the Members Only area of the website. If you join us you will be able to review all of the past trades AND have 30 full days to receive Success Trading Group's emails live and in real-time (we also offer pager alerts).

Online Investment Services, LP (owners of InvestmentHouse.com / MarketFN.com / InvestBilling.com as well as many other financial websites) has been providing investment newsletters and information online since 1997. Therefore, if you determine that this elite Success Trading Group is not for you (amazingly, we do have people leave the service), you can be assured that your request to not continue past the trial period will be honored. Use the "Contact Us" link on the website to reach us.

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