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Success Trading Group - Testimonials

Testimonials From Success Trading Group Members

Here's what some of our Success Trading Group members have to say about the service:

"37 Straight Wins"

"Thank you for your great calls. Have traded for fifty years. Have tried many advisors. But, your 37 straight winning selections is the best that I have ever heard of or experienced on my own. In fact, I keep telling my wife that it's too good to believe and that it just can't last. . . . In fact, I have a good stock broker friend who called recently to talk stocks. I felt so guilty not telling him about you . . . Again I say thank you, thank you."


Bob Frye

Profits and Fun are Back!

"Thank you so much for your service! Success Trading Group has brought the PROFITS and FUN back to trading! I can't wait for the next trade alert! I did quite well on the last alert for HD. I like the fact that you only work with top quality stocks . . . I feel safer working with these companies. It took me about 5 trades to start to feel comfortable and confident. I am all over it now! Now I am surprised you are only charging what you do! It is a bargain. My wife and children thank you! My IRA thanks you! My wife's IRA thanks you! Our cash account thanks you! Keep up the good work!"


John Carter
Member since November, 2001

Please! Write a book!

"I have been a member of success trading group for the last three months and I have been very happy. Most of my trades have been a success. What I like is that there is no short selling or gambling. It seems to be a result of your excellent analysis. I think the least you can do is to write a book about your technique and I will be the first person to buy ten copies."

Dr. Shanbhogue

"Success Trading Service is Amazingly Clear and Concise"

"I am a trial period member since 3/25 and have not executed any of your trade recommendations yet, opting rather to paper trade at the outset. I want to tell you how impressed I am with both your results thus far and the straightforward format that you use. For the first time in my trading career I feel that I have a very competent partrner . Your method of operation is amazingly clear and concise and is far superior to any other service that I have considered using. Keep up the fine work."

Herb L.

"Precise, Timely and Accurate"

"I have been using your recomendations for the last six weeks, and have made money in every trade. Your recomendations are precise, timely and accurate. Keep up the great work."

Yazdi Sidhwa M.D.

To Busy To Do Your Own Research?

"I am extremely happy with your service and have made a significant amount of money following you buy/sell notifications. Please consider offering a seminar to educate your subscribers with your methods. While I plan on continuing your service, it would be nice to understand your indicators/screens for your entry and exit points. Frankly, I had about given up on the stock market until I investigated your site. I am a psychiatrist and much to busy to do my own research but would like to be educated as to your methodology. Thanks so much and please seriously consider this suggestion,"

Robert Birch

"7 out of 7 winner"

"7 out of 7 winners. Planning on increasing my investment level now that there is comfort level. There may be no better way to invest in the market. Previously, volatility in the market caused my portfolio to swing widely. Now, using volatility and on short term basis with quality stocks---with you as the quaterback-I have THE SYSTEM. Many thanks to you and your staff. Keep up the good work."

Steven Rafter

Steady, Consistent Profits!

"I'm extremely happy with the service. Believe me, I've tried many other services over the years. In my opinion no others come close. STEADY, CONSISTENT PROFIT, WHAT A CONCEPT!!!"


Scott M. Russell

Success Trading is THE BEST!

"This is my first month with your service, all I can say is your the BEST I have seen out there, please don't let this get to you however lol. I am truly enjoying your picks!"

Berdj Ghazarian


"I have been watching your trades for the last month and became a member recently. Your call on Wallmart yesterday was so close I couldn't beleive how you called it. Today your sell order will hit and your next order will have me on board. Thanks for your insight on trades."

David H. King

This is The Best Service Ever!

"This is the best service I've ever used. It suits my personality and my investing strategies. Thank you for your help."

Charles Fries

16 Wins in a Row!

"16 winning trades in a row!!! . . . Your fine set-ups are beyond great."

Steven Rafter

It's A Gold Mine!

"You have a wonderful working system here. I split my money up between trades as some move fast and others take a while. A lot of people with money would like to know about what you have here. It's a gold mine. Congrats to you all."

Scott Koppenhafer

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